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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Moose Drawing Part 3

Bit by bit I'm getting closer to what I want. There seems to be, for me at least, a point that I get to where the drawing will either make it or be scrapped. Sometimes I can get over the hump and out the other side. So far, it looks like I might get there.

With the Moose Pillow showing in the upper right of my banner, you might be able to see if it makes for a good companion piece.


  1. Super work! Your perseverance shows me once again how important the work habit is for learning, remembering to keep one's intuition intact.

  2. Looking good, I like the turn of the head, lovely work, it's great to see your process. I initially wondered if you used photographs, but I see you painstakingly do all the hard work. It does look impressive. :)