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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wolf Drawing Part 2

copyright Barbara Di Lella wolf drawing 1a 2013
I imagine the next number of posts will have you see the anatomy of a drawing or, at least, how I work my way through to the final construction. Inevitably there is a portion of the body that isn't quite right. Tracing paper allows me to do surgery, so to speak, as I can add or take away as the need arises. There is a lot wrong with this image: the back is too short, the legs aren't long enough, etc.

copyright Barbara Di Lella wolf drawing 1b 2013
 Here you can see those corrections but now the head seems just a bit too large for my liking. So, inevitably, just to straighten out my head a bit, I started another completely different drawing. Sometimes it helps my eyes see more.

copyright Barbara Di Lella wolf drawing 2a 2013

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  1. These are gorgeous Barbera! Really like them.