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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Perfect Models

Incredibly blue  skies and brilliant sunshine.
Walks with the girls are absolutely freezing, not that they notice. For that matter, neither do I when I have
the camera.

Dark and early mornings these days are spent either reading or drawing. I've decided that the girls are perfect models. Although Roxy is a bit of a restless snoozer. She changed position so many times within 20 minutes. Sonee is in the top right corner and an abandoned fox hides behind Roxy. 
Don't you love her huge foxy ears?


  1. I do love her foxy Roxy ears. Your drawings are beautiful, makes me miss her.

    I, too, love the camera as a foil for being somewhere I don't want to be; there is always something fun to compose,

  2. Neat drawings.
    Love the blue skies. We are expecting more snow so there is not much blue here.