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Friday, March 29, 2013

A Beautiful Weekend

There have been a number of set backs the last few weeks so I thought while I'm on set back #6 I'd start Spring Cleaning. Years ago whenever I'd get annoyed by something I'd go out in the garden and deal with the weeds. It was cathartic. There's no garden to speak of this time of year so Spring Cleaning has to do the trick.  
The bronze Medusa  was done by Art.
The three little ankle biters are symbolic of my children.

It is a long weekend
I hope you have
a lovely one
with friends 


  1. Thanks for popping by Barbara,
    I love your work! We have lots in common...a love of sparrows for one!

  2. I think we have definitely turned the corner on spring as it was 17 yesterday. Have a great weekend!