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Monday, March 04, 2013

Cooper's Return

An unexpected visitor returned over the weekend. I do love these surprises. When I first saw him early this morning flying from over our house I grabbed the camera only to find that the battery was dead. And of course I thought the opportunity was lost, recharged the battery and went about my business.

Does it ever happen to you
that some random inkling is guiding you 
to do something totally out of the blue?

Later in the morning, in the middle of sewing I stopped  and somehow knew that he (she?) had returned.

Taking pictures through windows isn't the most ideal and then with just a regular camera lens...well
But on the positive side it's better than nothing and it's still exciting.

Hope you had a lovely weekend too


  1. Brilliant, I would have been squealing with excitement, the binocs would have been out, and I would have had several lovely moments inspecting the glorious feathers etc, thank-you for showing him/her again!