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Monday, March 25, 2013

Engraving, Lino, Wood Cut or Drawing?

After so many hours of concentrated drawing, I think I'm finally getting closer to what I want. If I had more time I would become more involved with wood engraving and have one of those beautiful presses. In the meantime, this will do just fine.

The weekend was quiet for a change. What about you?


  1. Amazing work! Can't wait to see the whole.
    It's clear your perseverance has paid off.

  2. Following your blog for this past few weeks I do wonder why you are not doing wood carving, engraving etc. (wood carving doesn't require a press) I think your images lend it self to those printing mediums.

  3. Yes, it is still cold but very sunny so I got into the spring cleaning and actually used the outside clothes line for the first time.