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Thursday, March 14, 2013

March Break

This week is March Break for the public schools and for years the girls and I (and sometimes the kids) would go up north. So beautiful up there.

Even when it was overcast and the road was all mess up from the freeze-thaw of spring, it was still beautiful.

The driveway to my sister's home was up and down and around: the girls loved chasing each other back and forth along it. Even my first dog, Dusty, loved running up the road and then turning, come running back to me. Always made me think of Van Morrison's song "You Come Running to Me".

What was nice too was that there was a lot of property and I could just let the girls out on their own, knowing they'd find their way back (although once Sonee did go off too far. Roxy climbed up a snow bank and sat down, sending out barking calls so Sonee could find her way back (or to alert me, I'm not sure which). And she came back like nothing was unusual about it.)



  1. Oh you make me homesick, not that I'm not already. What is it about this time of year??
    What a gift that property was...

  2. That looks like a nice place for a break; away from everything.