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Friday, April 12, 2013

Ravens and Crows

copyright Barbara Di Lella "Raven" 2013

I have been searching, to no avail, for an article I read in the National Geographic some time ago about ravens. This article was speaking to the intelligence of these birds; intelligence which, according to some, is defined by the use of tools. I found another article outlining other such examples.

Have a great weekend
Hope it's warm 
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  1. Beautiful raven. They are special aren't they?

  2. Our heater is still coming on and we have yet to change the flannel sheets for cotton ones so that tells you how it is out West.
    I was excited to see a crow using the nest in a tree right outside my window at work.

  3. Wow that video is amazing. Ravens have a mystical magic about them. The whole group is intelligent, the magpies who visit my garden are related I think, very clever birds too, but they are bullies.

  4. I think there is a "bulliness" in all animals.

    From the reading I've done on wolves it seems that it's a question of survival of the species as opposed to the individual.