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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Beaver Part 2

copyright Barbara Di Lella "Beaver 1 & 2" 2013

As usual, I have to say, that something (who knows what?) wasn't quite sitting right with me and now, (ugh) I can't quite decide!

A little feedback
would be nice.
You don't have to say why,
# 1
# 2

Thank you


  1. Hi Barbara. First let me say that I've been following your blog lately and I absolutely love your style. I'm a big pen and ink fan, and your work falls somewhere between woodcut, linocut, pen and ink and children's illustration - all things that I love!

    Both beavers work for me on screen and close-up. If I step away from the screen and imagine the image on a pillow for example, then #2 really catches my eye.

    Hope that helps a little, and best of luck with your design!

  2. Think that they are both very nice. Maybe you can change the position of the body of one of them and you can use them together in one screen print!