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Friday, June 07, 2013


These last few days have been pretty bleak and cold. Outside one of my studio windows there are pigeons waiting out the rain. 

My son told me a story that I thought I would tell. He was out last night with a friend. A man had stopped them to ask for some money for food. The two friends scraped together just under $10. which overwhelmed the man who began to cry.

The kindness of strangers can be overwhelming, especially when there doesn't appear to be a lot of kindness out there. Random acts of kindness do happen though. These stories are not isolated.

Anyway, I've finished the week packaging orders and that always feels good. And the radio plays Van Morrison and the Stones and everything else that keeps the energy up. With the close of my work day the girls and I go downstairs to start dinner. Think I'll make my grandma's banana bread for afterwards.

Hope you have a 

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