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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rabbit Part 2

copyright Barbara Di Lella 2013 "Rabbit drawing in progress"
Back to the drawing from last week. I was showing the texture that I've been learning and thought it was interesting in and of itself.
There is a rabbit at the park that the girls and I have been catching glimpses of and that is what inspired me to attempt to do one. I've been going to this park for years and have never seen a rabbit. A fox, yes, but not a rabbit. Usually I'm looking for the birds though. And of late, I have to watch out for the mockingbird which tends to be rather snippety these days (I'm sure her nest is somewhere nearby).

This image would have been the finished piece except that I fixed a few small areas that I found to be not quite right. At any rate, the ear isn't finished at all. But, for now, here it is. I have no idea when I'll put it to a screen.

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  1. Those textures are wonderful. I'd love to see your mockingbird too. :)