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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


When things become unusual it's just impossible not to mention them. Toronto has been having so much rain. The other night we had a storm that I can't remember ever being so heavy. There has been flooding before, although not the kind that Calgary had a few weeks ago, but this time we had a small pond in the back.

The little round green bits are the apples that have fallen.

 The tomatoes are practically drowned. I may as well have planted rice!

I know the weather has been pretty bizzarre the last few years and probably won't ever be "normal" again. Who knows it may be another era we are in the midst of.



  1. Hi Barbara, Hope you only lost tomatoes! My niece and her family lost so much in the Calgary flood. They were in Germany and had to cut their trip short. She said the volunteers were amazing helping with cleanup.
    Best to you, Lynn

  2. Shocking. To think we are grateful for some rain here. I always think of the farmers first; they are our lifeline....

  3. Gosh that looks awful, a bit like our whole summer was last year, you couldn't call it summer really. I hope it gets back to nice weather, sunshine etc for you. We are having some lovely (if a bit hot, ahhh don't complain) weather right now, it is wonderful, but not conducive to work :)