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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Do You KNow these Flowers?

A rather busy day of running around as I'm one of those of the "sandwich generation" (in between an older and younger generation and looking after both). So many things to look after, I'm sure some of you know. And then I look at these flowers that can grow 6 - 8 feet (over 2m.) and they remind me of other worlds.

Do you know these flower? They are everywhere in my neighbourhood  and I would love to grow them too for their sheer height.


  1. They look a bit like the 'black eyed susie' that Kathleen on her 'Trowel and paintbrush' blog is complaining (sort of) about? :)

  2. They almost look the same as those of Kathleen but I think that yours are Helianthus "Lemon Qeen". It's family of the Sunflower.