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Monday, August 26, 2013

Roxy and a Little Scare

It was quite a busy weekend for me 
with the added touch of a bit of a scare from Roxy. 

Waking up early as we usually do found her not willing to move at all. Immediately, I thought of my first dog Dusty, when he did that only once in his life: his last day.

We sat in the studio for an hour as we usually do and when it was time to go for a walk she still didn't seem interested. Oddly, Art was awake making a coffee and he said he'd watch her while I took Sonee out. I had to take Sonee out or she'd go stir crazy. But it was a short walk, not the usual hour as she seemed disoriented without Roxy. 

The rest of the morning Roxy just rested. When we usually do our morning " 'round the block" (they know those words), her ears pricked up. Well that was something at least.

Later in the day I took them in the truck to make a delivery. Roxy sits in the back seat and was more than happy to watch things go by. We even saw two horses! And by the time we came home she seemed her normal self. Well, I always thought that going for a  drive can cure just about anything.

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  1. Maybe she had a bad dream. You never know with animals but they are a lot smarter then some of us think.