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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Time and Perspective

The other day I posted some old photos of horses. And whereby I have done this drawing before, I thought I'd give him another go. This, as you can see, is still unfinished but going in the right direction...

Time has a way of gifting perspective.

By seeing that something can be improved upon, by trying to make something better, one's art will grow. Each time I do a drawing I have no idea where it will lead me. Some days are good, the stars are aligned or whatever and everything goes smoothly. Other days can be a struggle with plenty of blue clouds hovering in the form of  expletives. Everyone knows this, everyone has these ups and downs. But the key, I suppose, is not to give up, to keep trying, to persevere. And bit by bit a change occurs, an understanding of how it's done or why it works or what is required or when it's ready.

"You have to try these things"

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  1. It's a beautiful horse! I like the expression in his eyes.