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Friday, August 30, 2013


Not the prettiest basement floor but at least I'm able to get some work done down here and the girls and I can keep cool.

We are going into a long weekend with Labour Day on Monday, the last hurrah before the kids go back to school. For sure, the sun has shifted, as the girls and I go through the park before it has risen. As well, there is a change, I've noticed, with some of the trees. They say the change of colour has nothing to do with the cold, but it's the fewer hours of daylight that cause it.

Have a wonderful weekend


  1. We have had the best summer over here, (if a little too warm for me,..... must not complain!) Hope your dog is OK? I keep reading, not always commenting. My dog used to have fits occasionally, it's quite common, thankfully not in a long while, it was scary. Hope you enjoy your long weekend. :)

    1. glad to hear you had a wonderful summer...so sad to see it go.

      I've heard of dogs having convulsions; it is scary. I've been thinking Roxy's slowness might be because of the humidity here. Or maybe it's age, she's close to 14...