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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Queen West Art Crawl Part 2

Papersnake Jewellery
The second day of the Queen West Art Crawl I had all of 10 minutes to race around and see a few things. Allison of Papersnake Jewellery was one of the first places I stopped to have a little chat.

Bespoke Uprising
A few tents later I ran into Roisin of Bespoke Uprising. Huge hugs and a bit of a chat before I had to get back to my booth.

Sparrow Avenue at Queen West Art Crawl
The sun poked out a few times during the day which was more than welcome as the temperature had dropped quite a bit. Still, it didn't deter the crowds.

By the end of the day everything seemed in a good place.

Thank you all again
for coming out to
the Queen West Art Crawl
and supporting

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