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Monday, November 18, 2013

Misty November Woods

The last few days have been hazy and overcast but warm enough to want to get away. So when I finished a pile of work, the girls and I disappeared over to High Park. I am thankful there is a place to go (so close to home) where I can almost feel that I am far away.

There are trees that speak of faerie tales, you know? 

In a certain light, it wouldn't be difficult to believe that the trees could walk and talk and that strange creatures live within and only come out at dusk.  It wouldn't be difficult to believe that a parallel world lives and breathes amongst these leaves and trees. No, it wouldn't be difficult to believe if you listen carefully.

As we walked along we could quite clearly hear "who...who...",
an owl, 
although, it was hidden amongst the branches and leaves. The Peterson Field Guide points to it being a Long-Eard Owl with "one or two long hooos". Not a heck of a lot to go by except that no other owl's call is described as such.

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