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Friday, November 29, 2013

Sparrow Avenue at the One of a Kind 2013

Sparrow Avenue at the One of a Kind Show 2013
The first day of the show has come and gone along with a fair bit of product too. As usual, the Moose are a favourite but the Beaver seems to be attracting a lot of attention too and I'm hearing lots of beaver stories that people have up at their cottages. Art and Jordan did a wonderful job helping put the booth together.

Sparrow Avenue Pillows at the One of a Kind Show 2013
 The vintage chair and wagon look great together. The wagon was another find that crossed my path on one of my walks with the girls last summer. I cleaned up the wagon part but left the wheels all rusty and worn. It amazed me that this would be considered garbage.

Have a wonderful last of November
and beginning of December


  1. WONDERFUL!!! your booth looks wonderful!
    I'm so impressed with the design- a really bold use of negative space, instead of trying to fill the whole thing up like I would.
    The colour and vintage elements and cupboards make the eye move.
    You've got a whole new calling!!!
    Congratulations on sales!!!

  2. Your booth looks super, have a great show!!!

  3. Love the wagon! And good luck with your show.
    I have a one day sale tomorrow, set-up is tonight and I am still pricing.

  4. thank you all so much!!

    good luck with your shows, Anna and Lynn