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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Girls and the Show

She is such a funny girl sometimes. She dances when she is especially happy and excited which usually translates to meal and treat times. There are so many words I have to spell just so there are no disappointments. High Park was a particular treat, I have to say, only because of all the new things to smell.

Sonee was more than happy on that walk, however, she doesn't dance. She has been known to "sing" but only when I'm not around. And she still jumps like a kangaroo especially when I come back from somewhere that the two of them couldn't come. Don't you love how her colouring blends in so well with the trees and leaves?

The One of a Kind is coming up pretty quickly. I'm sure if you've been before you are probably receiving lots of notices about it. Don't forget about the give away I will be having at my booth.

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