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Friday, December 06, 2013

Neighbours Part 3

Jack and Marjorie
For a number of years I've watched the work of Jack and Marjorie. I love how she re-purposes different materials giving them a new and desirable life. Not only the work, but the design of the booth draws me in.
This weekend brings to a close the One of a Kind show. It is a long and tiring process but the buzz from such wonderful neighbours and the people who come to see the show makes it a breeze. I hope everyone did spectacularly well and that they enjoy a wonderful winter holiday.

And a big thank you 
to all
who attended
and supported
the 2013 One of a Kind

Don't forget that I will be announcing the winner of the "Vintage Moose" Pillow give-away
on December 9th.

Have a great weekend
& good luck

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