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Monday, February 10, 2014

Quiet Grey and Bronze

Hope you had a nice weekend. Here it was sort of grey, mellow and sluggish.  Still feeling the effects of last week's snow and ice, chopping away at it and buying too many of those wretched salt bags. Unfortunately, we were unable to get the melting agent that doesn't hurt the dogs' feet.

Bronze Bear
This is my attempt at modeling that I had done quite some time ago. I'm not very good with 3-D. An accident I was in (way-back-when) resulted in the limited use of one of my eyes. Both eyes are required to see 3-D. Still, I liked this little bear playing with his feet and I had it bronzed.

I had made the mould myself using that awful sticky black P-60  rubber with a plaster mould and had it cast at the Art Foundry (which no longer exists but years later I found out that Art did some of their mould-work: a bit of serendipity there). You can see what an awful job I did because the seam line is blatantly obvious. Needless to say, I never did another bronze again.

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