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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


When I was doing the drawings of the Snowshoe Rabbit I had mentioned that I liked their big feet. Same thing with the wolf: I love his big feet. Is it the sense of being grounded, knowing who you are, strength of character?  Anyone who has studied wolves, looked into their eyes, will tell you that they have an intelligence that cannot be ignored. Certainly, they have their unique personalities as well.
Anything written by R.D.Lawrence is well worth reading.


  1. I may have told you about the work of an Artist called Jackie Morris, you might like her work, also Catherine Hyde, the reason I mention this is, I've just got her book 'little Evie in the wild wood' and the wolf in there is just Wow, wolves have such a mystery about them. I think I will blog about this lovely book :) Love those legs up there :) Thanks for your comment.

    1. yes, Jackie Morris does wonderful work and reminds me of how I used to illustrate when I was doing books.