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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Your Feets Too Big

copyright Barbara Di Lella Two Rabbits unfinished 2014

Oy!, I've drawn so many rabbits! 

Sitting, crouching, standing, turning, looking and these ones, resting. It's very difficult to draw a rabbit jumping without it looking like it's doing something strange; so, no jumping rabbits. I think I've settled on these two, not so much because of their unusual position but because they are in Summer and Winter mode. 

These are snowshoe rabbits which is why their hind feet are so big. I like their big feet (unlike the Fats Waller song: "I Don't Like You 'Cause Your Feets Too Big").

When I woke up yesterday morning it was mild and raining. (The afternoon before was +10 C. and I wore just a fleece while the girls and I went for a walk.) But by lunch we were in the midst of a snow blizzard that coated everything in a thick white coat.

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