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Monday, January 19, 2015

Cold Mornings

Sparrow Avenue Grizzly Bear Tea Towel

How was your weekend?

Where I am, it is pretty typical of January: it's either dull and cold or very bright and cold. Not much getting away from it. 

There was a time when it felt like winter would never end its relentless cold. Then it occurred to me that there was really only January and February to get through as March meant "the light at the end of the tunnel". 

Now, I don't mind this time of year as much as I used to. When the girls and I go out in the morning it's quiet and the deep blues of the sky are intriguing. I look for silhouettes of larger birds in the trees. I haven't seen the hawks for some time now.

The weekend was spent doing normal household stuff and in between I was working on new product images.Don't forget that there is a 15% discount on everything in the shop until the end of January.
Beat the Blues sale: it shows up in the checkout.

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