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Friday, January 09, 2015

Vintage Maps and Grizzly Bears

Sparrow Avenue "Grizzly Bear on 1947 Dominion of Canada Map"
Like everyone else, I have returned to the normal routine of work. Not that I'm not always working. There are so many things that need looking after, as everyone knows. With the new year, there is getting rid of the old income tax files. What a lot of accumulation that involves, especially if you're self-employed. Well, it has to be done; the same as the dishes or the vacuuming or whatever...enough nattering about that.

The Grizzly Bear on the old map is in the shop. You can also find my work on Instagram now. Hopefully the Beaver on the same Dominion of Canada map will be in the shop next month.

In the meantime
have a wonderful weekend


  1. This looks wonderful. Tax bills to be paid and sorted here too, uugghh! My old pooch is coming up 15 too, he's very tired now, walking so slow and falling down occasionally, :( it's a hard time.

    1. So nice to hear from you again!
      Sorry to hear about your dog.
      It's hard watching them age, isn't it?