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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Little Birds in Winter

copyright B. Di Lella 2015 Cooper's Hawk and sparrow
With the record colder temperatures that have been occurring throughout Ontario (and more than likely, other places too), the  animals and birds have been suffering. Especially those that do not hibernate and the ones that have returned too soon (like the robin I saw back at the beginning of February). They no longer have sufficient fat in their bodies to keep them warm. It's important to try to help them.

copyright B. Di Lella 2015 Sparrows and Squirrel
These are "working" drawings: ones that end up anywhere in the sketch book, crowding each other as a means of not wasting paper.
Some of them are more scratchy than others, some of them come to me easier than others.


  1. I think that pose of the sparrow landing on one foot, with wings open, is just beautiful!

    1. thank you, Laurene
      it's sometimes a bit of a dance at the bird feeder!