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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

More Drawings

copyright B. Di Lella drawings in process, squirrels, sparrow & Cooper's Hawk
Here are some other quick sketches that were done this past weekend. I don't want them to look too cute. The squirrel that I had done previously just didn't make the grade when it was enlarged. I very much like how his fur was done, but the rest of him: not so much. The bison made the grade, although I haven't yet shown the finished version, but he's a keeper. I do wonder about that hawk's possibilities...


  1. This is a lovely pose for the squirrel, although I liked the original pose too. Sometimes we see a drawing through different eyes when it's expanded. I agree that the hawk pose has great possibilities!

  2. I LOVE this page, just as it is. Love to see your progress.