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Friday, March 06, 2015


As any illustrator or artist does when beginning a new subject, I collect reference material. I have collected lots of pictures over the years, visual people do that. When I was little my mom collected pictures in a scrapbook, (I'm not even sure scrapbooks still exist),leafing through it was a pleasurable way to spend a quiet afternoon. So I guess the idea of collecting pictures started when I was quite young.
The image at the top left is by Sir Edwin Landseer ("Shoeing" 1844), the top right is Ferdinand Hodler ("The Donkey" 1881), the little one in the middle was cut from a magazine and the bottom is by Edwin Bottomley 1865 - 1929 ("Dignity and Impudence"). 

The Victorian ere was a grand time for animal painters. But all through history, dating as far back as cave paintings, animals have been depicted by artists.

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  1. I have been collecting pictures for quite some time; I now have 5 very large scrapbooks that are filled with everything from notes from my daughters to my favourite ads and everything in between. Whenever I need inspiration, I usually find it in one of my scrapbooks.

  2. I loved keeping scrapbooks when I was young - anything from dinosaurs to the Beatles! I guess kids collect digital images now, but the idea is the same. Thanks for bringing back great memories.