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Monday, March 02, 2015

Cooper's Hawk

When I had re-arranged the studio a few months ago I had no idea that I would be able to see so much more activity going on outside. I just thought by putting the table closer to the window I would have more natural light by which to work. 

So once again while I was drawing I "felt" movement outside, looked and saw the Cooper's Hawk. And that clearly is what he/she is, for the tail of a Cooper's Hawk is slightly rounder than that of the Sharp Shinned Hawk.

This time instead of taking pictures through the window, I took the camera downstairs (sneaking away from the girls who were sound asleep), went outside (in the freezing but sunny back yard) and discreetly took some pictures. 
However, not discreetly enough, as you can see, he/she flew off. But even that picture lends so much information!!

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  1. Ooh wonderful backyard hawk, such gorgeous barring on the feathers, aren't they amazing, it always feels such a privilege to have their presence around :)