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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Drawing Correction No.1

copyright B. Di Lella 2015 moose drawing correction in process
The new moose was finished some weeks ago. I felt it was a good drawing but yet there was something about him that held me back. After a while I decided that he was too "sad". So a few days ago I began a new drawing and worked on that for a few days. As majestic and stately as moose are, there certainly is something awkward about them too. 
Long story short: I abandoned the second drawing and went back to the first, thinking if it's just the eyes, I should be able to just fix them. And fix them, I did. Only to discover (and how did I miss this the first time 'round?) that the antlers were misaligned! So here you see me in the process of correcting that.

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