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Monday, April 20, 2015

Ernest Thompson Seton:Animal Anatomy

"Diagram of a Wolf" Ernest Thompson Seton
Hope you had the opportunity
to be outside 
this past weekend.
Wasn't it beautiful?
Recently I discovered a book entitled "Art Anatomy of Animals" by Ernest Thompson Seton, first published in 1896. Born in England in 1860, Ernest was 6 when his family came to Canada.
Apparently, this book came about because there was so little reference material at the time on animal anatomy.

"Proportions of a Typical Dog and Wolf" Ernest Thompson Seton
Wouldn't it be wonderful if all animals would stand perfectly still and in profile! It is a beginning to understanding proportion but then there's perspective to consider. Foreshortening, now there's a question to be answered!

"The Proportions of a Typical Horse" Ermest Thompson Seton

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