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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Warkworth Art in the Park 2015

It was a lovely spring long weekend while we were at Warkworth's Art in the Park. Having never been to Warkworth before, I found it to be a beautiful small town with a strong and enthusiastic cultural atmosphere. The park land was beautiful with part of the Trent River running through it allowing for a peaceful "getaway" for the girls when they need a lunch break.

I was able to capture Roxy smiling, enjoying the shade of our tent, by holding the camera secretively under a chair. Every time the girls come to shows people tell me stories about their dogs. I love to hear them; it is a special joy that animals give so freely. Everyone also comments on how well behaved Roxy and Sonee are. It is gratifying to hear. They are very good.

Sparrow Avenue, animal pouches
The pouches, as always, were a big seller at the show. The Donkey and Bison made their debut, as did the new Moose image, seen below, on the 1947  map of the "Dominion of Canada".

Sparrow Avenue 2015  Moose and the Dominion of Canada map Pillow

The Beaver on the same map also made his return for the 
2015 summer season.

Sparrow Avenue, Beaver and the Dominion of Canada map Pillow

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