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Friday, June 05, 2015

Another Horse

copyright Barbara Di Lella 2015 Horse drawing
Over the past weekend I started a new drawing, scrapped it, and tried again with this result. It is a classic pose. Looking closely, some corrections can be seen. This horse is larger than the last one I had done and because of that I think it has more impact. At any rate I put her on a screen.

copyright Barbara Di Lella 2015 Horse screen detail

As for the "Winter Moose" design that I was working on yesterday, I am still working on it. None of these things have a tendency to appear overnight. Sometimes I'll spend weeks or months on them for a variety of different reasons. So I'm rather pleased that the horse only took a week. Then of course, there is the printing and sewing which takes time too.

Another beautiful weekend coming.
Hope it is a good one
for everyone.

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