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Monday, September 07, 2015

A Nice Discovery

Welcome back

With the past two weeks of absence from writing, I had hoped to slow down the passing of summer. My thought was that if I had less to do, there would be more time on my hands and this thought reminded me of Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird".

I found the tattered 1962 copy of it on the bookshelf and opened it to the first chapter only to find that what I remembered was not at the beginning, not the opening sentences, but several paragraphs along.

"People moved slowly then...took their time about everything"

"A day was twenty four hours long but seemed longer." 

That was what I wanted to have: 
days that seemed longer.

But instead I found that time moved on just as steadily as any river, babbling and gurgling on its way over the rocks and stones, pushing past fish and through the reeds, oblivious to the idea of slowing down. 

I remember a summer...
We were at the cottage that my grandfather had built near the Credit River. Down the hill and along the dusty dirt road was an old bridge made of riveted steel that crossed over the river and I remember standing on that bridge, just watching and listening to the river; mesmerized by the swirls and eddies of the water as it ran over the rocks. 
That was a slow and lazy day, nothing much to do, just a kid on a hot summer day. Twenty four hours long, but it seemed longer.

It has occurred to me that if I want time to slow down then I must slow down as well; like the people of Maycomb; like that kid I remember standing on the bridge with nothing much to do. 

My two weeks away 
did allow for more time 
and that was a nice discovery. 
I hope everyone 
had a wonderful summer. 

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