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Monday, November 16, 2015

The Bison

Continuing from the last post, our walk, of course, took us over to visit with the Bison. I've grown quite fond of them. I think the girls have a certain respect for them as well, as they never bark. They wait quietly while I visit.

The little one has grown quite a bit since we first met. We came in the afternoon, their quiet time, their cud-chewing time. Mornings are when they move around. But...

Do you think he remembered us? I'd like to think so. But he was probably more curious about the girls. On the other hand, their sense of smell is keen. Who knows, maybe he did recognize us...


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  1. These pictures are delightful and I LOVE Friday's landscapes at which I think you are a master. Glad you got a bit of 'country' into your life.