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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Inspiration: Where Does It Come From?

Sparrow Avenue, Pencil Pouches, Bison, Donkey, Horse, Raven

Normally at the beginning of the new year I will clean and straighten out the studio in preparation for starting all over again and fresh. But, I tell  you, as soon as I attempt this, the ideas start to flow and I have to go with it. So yes, the place is still a mess.

And for some strange reason I feel like I'm not doing things properly.
Which is silly.

I see images of other artists' studios and they are so neat, so tidy and so Organized!

 But I can't do it. 

Like I said, Inspiration for me is visual. If I can't see anything, if it's all neatly put away and organized, there is no inspiration. (Other than maybe to photograph the neat and tidy space.) Give me a messy table top with bundles of fabrics and open and bookmarked books and pictures everywhere.

That is what I find inspiring!

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  1. Absolutely! Creativity is not a tool one puts away at the end of the day.