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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Old Man Winter, Jack Frost and Jack Rabbit

Sparrow Avenue, Hare, Jack Rabbit, Square Pillow
After all that talk about a milder January, Old Man Winter & Jack Frost decided to give us a bit of a dump. Well, I wasn't going anywhere and I settled myself in the studio. It was still dark out and as far as I knew, no one was awake.

 Quiet Time.

Yet, it was the first day back at college and my youngest poked her head at the door and asked for a lift as the transit system was snarled.

That translated to an hour of shoveling and another hour of driving.
Not quickly either as the roads were sloppy with the stuff.

Needless to say, the day didn't go as I though it might. I decided to take advantage of an empty house (everyone else was out by the time I returned) and took some product shots. The skylight in the attic was very helpful considering the gloomy, overcast day that it was. A beautiful light cascading over the Hare (Jack Rabbit) pillow, don't you think?

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