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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sparrow Avenue at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Sparrow Avenue, "Beaver Pencil Case" at the Art Gallery of Ontario

After lunch we went over to the Art Gallery of Ontario where some of the work from Sparrow Avenue can be seen.

Sparrow Avenue Pillows at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Sparrow Avenue, "Running Deer" Pillows, at the Art Gallery of Ontario

My "Running Deer Pillow" was inspired from a visit to Nova Scotia. The first day out I saw a group of deer just meandering about...that is until they noticed me and hurried on their way.


  1. Congratulations on your association with the Art Gallery of Ontario! That's a beautiful display! I don't remember seeing those beaver pencil cases before, but I really like them. Do you also sell them either directly or through your Etsy shop?

  2. Thank you, Laurene.
    Yes I do the pencil cases but haven't as yet put them in the shop. I should, shouldn't I?

  3. Yes, I really think you should. I think that other artists would definitely be interested. I know that I would love to organize my pencils and pens in one of these beautiful pencil cases.

  4. thank you again, Laurene, for such a supportive comment. Other than shows, I rarely hear what other's think of my work.