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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

TD Gallery: Maurice Sendak part 2

Maurice Sendak, original drawing for FAO Schwarz, NY
Apparently Maurice Sendak was drawing "wild things" long before the book appeared. This drawing was for FAO Schwarz in 1948.

Despite the poor lighting in the gallery (light, as you know, causes the colours to fade over time) the colours of this piece are as brilliant and crisp as when the work was completed. Sendak had a way of creating detail and simplicity simultaneously. You can see this by the feathers of the chicken/or-whatever-it-is, contrasted with the mere suggestion of brick work in the background walls. There is also a sense of "layering" long before photoshop what ever around.

More of the show tomorrow.


  1. I enjoy your observations about the work for they help me to see it better. Can you give an indication of the size, even approximately?

  2. they're all rather small.
    maybe 12" square for the pencil monster.
    maybe 12" x 14" for the others