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Monday, March 14, 2016

Stepping Aside for Spring

It is as though Winter just did not have the heart this year to be Winter and has chosen to step aside for Spring. It was so lovely over the weekend. Walks with the girls were slow and leisurely taking time to see the "snow drops", the first spring flowers, show their "colour".

But I did manage to forget about the change of hour over the weekend and slept through it. Not until I was out with the girls on our first walk of the day, did I meet up with someone who reminded me. What a drag to lose an hour of spring-like weather!

A fair bit of time was devoted to cutting fabric over the weekend; new bolts had arrived last week. Roxy and Sonee took their favourite spots below the cutting table. They think it's perfectly fine to have a nose or a paw just sticking out of the range of safety underneath the table and every now and then my foot narrowly misses them.

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