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Friday, May 20, 2016

The Revision

copyright Barbara Di Lella, wolf drawing, 2016

Just a bit about the wolf that I've incorporated into the new banner here and at the shop.

As I had mentioned last week, there was a new version in the making of the wolf drawing that I had finished a few weeks ago. I wanted to change the head to the one that I was printing on the small pouches

It was also suggested that a background might be helpful in explaining the stance of the wolf. I wasn't sure that this was necessary but decided that I would try it anyway. Putting the rocks, trees and lake into the scene seemed to lend, not only a sense of the wolf's life, but also an idea of what I want to convey about the wilderness.

As always, my signature is hidden within the drawing. Have you ever wondered where tattoo artists find their images? I have discovered my work in amongst theirs. Hmmmm....

Have a beautiful long weekend.
In Canada
it is Victoria Day on Monday.

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