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Thursday, September 01, 2016

The Return

Head Lake, Haliburton Ontario
September 1 2016

It has been a long and hot summer and a long vacation for me from keeping this journal. But as it turned out, there would have been no way that I could have kept up the pace as this summer has been the busiest that I have ever had!

Over and over again, I have heard that being busy is a good problem to have, and I agree totally. After all, what else would I do? I have always kept busy, whether it be for myself or for business reasons.

The highlight of the summer was, of course, the Haliburton Art and Craft Festival.  And here are some of the pictures from that weekend in July.

All packed and ready to go in our new van

Set up was by the lake which is perfect for many reasons, foremost being the "girls". If you look closely, you can see Roxy hiding underneath one of the tables. 
There is always a cool and welcoming breeze that comes off of Head Lake and this particular weekend it was most welcome as we were in the middle of a record breaking heat wave: 30 consecutive days of over 30 degrees C.
Usually there is a rain storm that can be quite forceful with the winds coming off of the lake. I have never been in a sail boat, but the experience of holding the tent walls together is enough to understand the speeds that a sail boat can attain.

But there were no storms that particular weekend and the "girls" had wonderful fresh air naps.

The Heritage House B&B was booked far in advance and a good thing too as it was visitors weekend at all the over-night camps in the area. We had a simple breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt and granola before heading off for each day at the Festival site.

The "girls" and I took our early morning walks as usual, leaving others to sleep while the dawn came up.

New for the show were these tea towels: a set of 4 for $24.00. Needless to say, they sold out. I will make them for some future shows.

One little boy allowed me to take a picture of him wearing my Owl T-shirt. Actually, it was his mom who gave over-all consent.

And some of the new designs for pillows were displayed. 
Most of these pictures can be seen on my Instagram page.

As well, family came up to see the show and we even had a sleep-over as the place where we were staying had two bedrooms. We had a great time visiting over dinner. My uncle is not one to look at craft work so he set up a chair under a tree and read his book while my aunt walked around.

Be sure to Follow me on the Instagram page as I am quite busy preparing for autumn and winter shows. More about that later.

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