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Monday, October 31, 2016

Getting Ready

Sparrow Avenue, Country Kitchen Tea Towel with Moose Print
With just less than a week left to go before the Holiday Market at the Great Hall, I've been working on the Country Kitchen Tea Towels that I make  with the Moose and Beaver images. Well, actually, I've been working on a lot more than just tea towels.

It is also my last few days of preparation before the Signatures show in Ottawa. The road trip will be a welcome break. I do love seeing the country side. Although if we go along the 401 it will be rather dull but once we turn north, it should be fine.

 I remember doing the 401 route a few years ago in December, on my way to a show in Montreal. That one was one of my worst road trips ever with rain and snow and sleet and mud being sloshed over the windshield by passing transport trucks. Oh, and did I mention the fog coming off the lake, making visibility impossible!

But I won't dwell on that!

On that note:
Have a great night to night
for Hallowe'en

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