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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Preparing for November

Sparrow Avenue, Owl Pencil Case, detail
This week is all tied up with cleaning up the bits and pieces that inevitably are left behind. Sort of like the closing of a mystery when all the details are cleaned up and accounted for.

I've never been one to be that well organized but because I have so much going on next month, I'm trying my best to have everything orderly, if only to avoid panic. 

If you haven't noticed on the 2016 Shows page, I will be off to Ottawa for the Signatures Show. This will be my first time doing this show and I'm very excited. We will be driving up on the 7th: I'm always ready for a road trip! And this is why I want to be a little bit more organized: because once we've left, there's not a thing can be done if I've forgotten something.

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