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Friday, December 30, 2016

Good-bye 2016

As we move into 
a new year,
I would like to 
thank everyone
who has come to visit me 
either through these posts 
or the various shows that I've participated in 

In some ways it is sad to have another year slip by,
2016 was one for
with friends and family,
many new discoveries were made
and projects attempted and completed;
it had it's fair share
of difficulties
most of which were
and new strengths found
in the process.

 I am so looking forward to  
I am very excited with the new ideas
 that I will be working on
for the shop 
and the shows that I will be attending.
There are new people
to meet
and new experiences
to live,
new places to discover
and new mountains to climb!

Have a very

Happy New Year!!

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