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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Red and Black aka Buffalo Plaid aka Rob Roy Tartan

Sparrow Avenue, Stuffy back
Also known as Buffalo Plaid or Rob Roy Tartan, the red and black colours have, once again, become very popular in the fashion world,

Originating from the Woolrich Woolen Mill in the 1850's, the Buffalo Plaid became popular for outdoor clothing. We all know that hunter's wear it to prevent themselves from being shot by other trigger-happy hunters. And it was also well used by lumberjacks: so as not to get lost!

 Over time it became fashionable through television personalities, then the 1990's grunge period and now the hipsters have taken it on.

But the fashion industry has always had it's eye on this pattern especially through the winter season.

And so, I have jumped on the band wagon by having it on the back of my CAnadian Animal Collection of Stuffies.

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