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Monday, February 27, 2017


copyright Barbara Di Lella, Rabbit drawing in process, 2017
With February coming to a close, my arbitrary deadline for drawings is also nearing. Although I am still madly fine tuning what I have done so far.

Last year I tried my hand at Rabbits but kept ending up with hares. Along the way I found out about the differences between the two besides just their appearance. I'm sure that everyone knows that Rabbits have burrows which are a series of tunnels and dens. But Hares do not have any system for protection. If the weather is bad, Hares will just hunker down in a protected space under a bush or rock. If they are in danger they will only keep very still and rely on their camouflage; barring that, they will run.

At any rate, this year I seem to be managing a bit better with the Rabbit "look".

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