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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Grandma's Table

Work Table
A bit of staging of my work area which is normally a disaster of on-going projects. But a presentation is always nice and I rather enjoyed myself with the prep.

The work table itself was my grandma's kitchen table, medium size with a drawer and a white enamel top. I remember well having huge bowls of porridge when we had sleep overs. I remember my grandpa having a coffee before my dad would come pick him up and they would go to work together while my sister and I stayed. Grandma's house was quiet, I remember. And days were spent with colouring books and walks.

Now the table sees my work again, so many years later.


  1. Love the continuity. And the things you remember that I don't.

  2. O, I remember lots more and I'm sure you can too.