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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Snowy Owl

Sparrow Avenue, Snowy Owl Pouch
Have you ever seen The Great White Owl or Snowy Owl, (as they are also known)? I can't say that I have except for once a very very long time ago, I might have been 5 or younger. Behind where we lived was a huge field. It was farm land once upon a time. And in that field was one tall and lonely tree. It was in that tree that I'm sure I saw one. Farm fields are typical places for Snowy Owls to hang out as there are lots of mice and other small critters to catch. 


  1. Yes, you did see a snowy owl. I was recalling that experience within the last week.

  2. thank you for confirming...you never know when you are young what might have been